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5 Interesting Uses of Drones

5 Interesting Uses of Drones

With the rapid advancement in drone technological innovation, the importance of drone has increased as people across the world make the best use of drones of various types and sizes for different purposes including commercial, personal, recreational, and much more.

Here are some of the most interesting and amazing uses of drones: 

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1. Drone Delivery

​Nowadays, drone delivery is becoming very popular as eCommerce companies like Amazon make use of drone as one of their methods for product delivery to customers. Also, lifesaving delivery companies like Zipline uses the drone for fast delivery of lifesaving medical products like vaccines, blood, and essential medicines.

2. Photography

Drones are used to capture high-quality photos and images. It is used to take images in wedding ceremonies from the sky and also used to capture sports stunts in water, mountains at high resolutions to keep the memories intact.

Disaster Relief Services

Drones are now used for disaster relief services by government and people across the world to provide food to disaster-hit zones, search for living beings in radiation hit zones, rescue people in forests and much more.

4. Videography

Drones are also used for making high-quality videos in high resolution which looks stunning for capturing videos of sports events, wedding ceremonies and when shooting a movie.

5. Agriculture

The use of the drone is also emerging in the agricultural sector as it is used for various purposes like monitoring of plant growth, spraying of pesticides, seed planting, and fertiliser application to reduce workload and increase the efficiency of farm workers.

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Guest - GST Consultants on Wednesday, 29 November 2017 11:16

Hi, extremely nice effort. everybody should scan this text. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, extremely nice effort. everybody should scan this text. Thanks for sharing.
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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Benefits of using drones for aerial videography and photography


We can typically have our system ready to film or take photos in under 15 minutes.


The average traditional manned helicopter consumes roughly 129 litres of fuel per hour. With our electrically powered helicopters we have Zero Carbon Exhaust Emissions!


We utilise GPS technology which has built in safety eg. If the radio signal is lost the drone will return to home.


Many of our clients would have paid 5 times as much to achieve the same shots with full-scale alternatives.