How Nurseries Can Benefit from Virtual Tours

How Nurseries Can Benefit from Virtual Tours

Selecting the right nursery is of paramount importance for any parent. They will seek recommendations from friends and contacts in addition to running online searches for information and reviews. 

Your role as the nursery owner is to provide information that will place your business at the top of the shortlist for parents. For you to achieve this goal, you need great online content that delivers the right message. 

We're specialists in virtual tours 

We've helped many nurseries with their content by creating virtual tours for them. Businesses can use this on their website and to share on other online presence. It gives a way for parents to gain an understanding of the nursery and to help answer some of these typical parent questions:

  • ​Is there parking available at the nursery? 
  • Is it possible to access the building easily for drop off and collection of their child? 
  • Does the building look well maintained, inviting, safe and warm? 
  • Are the facilities, such as play area, high quality and varied in content? 
  • Are there outdoor play areas? Is the structure of the building good quality? 
  • What condition is any equipment in? Is food cooked on the premises?
it comes to leaving their child for hours at a time with total strangers.

How to assure your parents on film

You may even want to add extras to your filmed content by providing introductions to your staff members. They may want to talk about their childcare education, childcare experience and their personal approach to childcare.

Our virtual tours can take a parent through your building and provide reassurance that they're choosing the best possible place for their child to attend.

Our content can be shared in a multitude of ways

Every film we make is accessible via mobile devices in addition to desktops. Wherever your prospective parent views our material, it will be designed to show them your offering clearly. We can also provide you with guidance on what to showcase and highlight in your virtual tour of your nursery.

In summary, here are the benefits of using virtual tours for nurseries

Overall, our nursery owners benefit from virtual tours in the following ways:

  • Powerful marketing that gives parents peace of mind
  • Brand exposure to new clients
  • Clear demonstration and display of your premises and facilities for your target market
  • Marketing collateral for use in a number of channels

How do our virtual tours work?

In addition to producing a virtual tour of the ground, we can also provide you with a 360 sky tour. What we capture is what parents want to see as this is particularly useful for providing security and access information for parents. We use the latest technology and when required, our skilled specialists will use an array of cameras to film. They will then stitch the films together to produce a remarkable film production of your nursery and surrounding areas.

We do everything in-house

We're proud of our creations, and therefore don't outsource any of the production.We like to ensure that you get the outcome that is going to give you the most ROI and is in keeping with your wishes. We promote your USP (unique selling proposition) which is what makes you stand out from your competition.

Now that you've seen how nurseries can benefit from virtual tours, call us or email us today for a no obligation chat.

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Guest - Steven on Wednesday, 03 May 2017 10:14

This could save us some money too....

This could save us some money too....
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Sunday, 26 June 2022

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