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How Virtual Tours Are Being Used by Holiday Resorts & Even Cities

How Virtual Tours Are Being Used by Holiday Resorts & Even Cities

​For decades, we've seen video content being used to promote holiday resorts and in some cases cities and countries. Fortunately, time has moved on and so has technology and now virtual tours offer a more cost effective and affordable approach to visual marketing for tourism.

In fact, the virtual tour requires less financial outlay and planning than that of a traditional promotional video and in some cases, it's benefits can be far greater. For example:

A virtual tour establishes a favourable first impression. With a remarkable piece of visual content doing your marketing for you, you can deliver on an exceptional first impression. This is what makes a venue memorable and increases interest, in the case of hotels, it can be what seals the deal with a booking.

Creates trust and credibility. Transparency is what is at the heart of increased client trust when it comes to investment in a service or product. Most people take their holidays very seriously and special occasions such as honeymoons and destination weddings, even more so.

Increases engagement. Delivering full information about your premises and offerings drives further curiosity and increases engagement. Web visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site, and that will help increase chances of making a booking.

Provides transparency. Consumers can view every corner, view and facility at your premises. This provides a method for your property to shine and your prospects will perceive you as being transparent and trust worthy.

Increases bookings. With so many benefits and commercial advantages, it's no surprise that virtual tours can increase bookings. Your virtual tour will make a powerful impression on your viewers and they may even share your visual content with friends and family, further increasing brand exposure and awareness.

Creates a sense of value. By providing visual promotional material of your property, the prospect will know that you care enough to invest in your marketing, and this reflects in added value.

Give the control to consumers. Your prospects can select what they see, which way they want to move and at a pace that suits them. You're giving them full control over a tour of your property from their armchair. This gives them the time to process what it would be like to spend time at your premises.

Need more reasons for a virtual tour?

Here are a few points that you might want to consider before committing to using a virtual tour to market your tourism product:

  • According to Property Week, you can reduce pointless viewings by up to 40%
  • Those websites with a virtual tour will enjoy 40% more views than competitors without. (Pew Internet Life Study)
  • According to Best Western, hotels with virtual tours get 48% more bookings.

In summary, we're sure that you can see for yourself what having a virtual tour for your tourism product can do for your website.

We offer affordable virtual tours for hotels, cities and beyond and will guide you every step of the way to a successful production. Call us today to get started.
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