Leisure Industry

Imagine taking a walking video tour around a theme park or complex, the perspective of the entire area could not be produced. Everything is from a street level and doesn’t necessarily reflect or communicate the right customer message.

Then imagine being able to create an aerial video providing an birds eye view of everything, with an ability to seamlessly fall and rise and turn corners, gaining maximum exposure of the entire area. Its not only more exciting to view things from an aerial perspective, it produces a greater overview of size and extent of the park or area.

Today, aerial photography is extremely popular within the sports and leisure industry. Formula 1 racing, football, rugby, athletics all use drones to capture images from every aspect. They provide the viewing public with a front row seat capturing every moment and incident.

Sanbi Aerial Photography provides high tech drones to deliver perfect professional photographs or footage for all kinds of leisure activity. Furthermore, its highly affordable and available to view within hours. If its something special you want to capture, then we can deliver.

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Benefits of using drones for aerial videography and photography


We can typically have our system ready to film or take photos in under 15 minutes.


The average traditional manned helicopter consumes roughly 129 litres of fuel per hour. With our electrically powered helicopters we have Zero Carbon Exhaust Emissions!


We utilise GPS technology which has built in safety eg. If the radio signal is lost the drone will return to home.


Many of our clients would have paid 5 times as much to achieve the same shots with full-scale alternatives.